Friday, November 28, 2008

Starbucks UK and Fairtrade Foundation Announce Industry Leading Support for Small-Scale Coffee Farmers

I was just reading that Starbucks in the UK is now using 100% fair trade certified coffee for their Espresso. That is good news for the third world people that produce the stuff and its good to know that their growers will be treated fairly.

Kelowna Kayak Winter Sale

Hey everyone, if you are into the great Outdoor sport of Kayaking and you live in Kelowna, go and check out Kelowna Kayak & Outdoor

They have a great winter clearance sale on right now. Most in-stock merchandise is available at great discounts, head on in to the store to check out what they have.
Also, I like the graphic I did for the sale, I think it turned out great!

Kelowna Snow Sleds - Fun in the snow

I have just launched a temporary mini site for a friend and client of mine. Kelowna Kayak & Outdoor is diversifying for the winter months by offering four lines of amazing and fun snow sleds.

(This site is no longer available, sorry)

Monday, January 21, 2008

2008: The year of Social Networking!

We're hearing a lot about the importance of social networking these days. Some folks are suggesting that this is the "Year of Social Networking" and we here at couldn't agree more!One of the reasons for this expected growth is the actual burden posed by email communication. What was once a simple and effective way to communicate...

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