Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey everyone, I just thought I would tell you all about a cool website that I like to support. It's called It is a great way to help people in developing nations get a bit further ahead in life. They provide microloans to help fund small businesses. It's a great idea so check it out!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free Press Release Website

I just found a new free resource for Press Releases. So I am trying it out for Ray Chelini and his website to promote his new bronze sculpture entitled "Searching for the Will of God".

Here is the link:

Thursday, June 7, 2007 and my experiments with

Hello Everyone,
I am researching SEO and came upon, its a site that allows you to create a profile of yourself then link other people into your network. These people that you add to your network could be people you have worked for in the past, or people that have worked for you, or just people that you know one way or another. It seems like a pretty good idea, so I have created a site for my friend and client Ray Chelini in another attempt to get his site higher up in the rankings for the Google search term "chelini", which he is currently on page four of the results. Google puts a lot of emphasis on link popularity. Here is Ray's profile:


Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Site - Graham Ord

Hi Everyone,
I just finished a site re-do for Graham Ord. Graham is an amazing guitar player and songwriter. Check out his new CMS driven website. We are using Dotnetnuke for the Content Management System.

Have a look.

Friday, May 25, 2007


I just finished a website for my good friend Ray Chelini. It has been such a joy to work on this site that showcases Ray's incredible works of art. Ray is inspired by Jesus Christ and creates these amazing hand carved and shaped sculptures in both wood and bronze.

Check out his site -

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hi! I'm a Mac (Southpark Style)

I found this to be pretty funny! I think its kinda funny that these Mac ads like to say that PC's only come with Calculator and a Clock and Pie Charts. Like you can't have digital photos or games, or Windows Movie Maker, or MP3 music on a PC, the Mac ads are just silly. In a couple more years, it isnt going to matter what OS you have anyway, everything will be web based as soon as the Google OS starts to become ubiquitous.

Cool Business Card Ideas

I really love some of these creative ideas! Check out the 3D Plastic one, or the one with the bite mark embossed in the card, or even the one with the two different kinds of paper. Is nice, I like!

Cool business card designs | creativebits

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My Website

Check out my website. I just installed the Flock Browser and am checking it out using this Blog This link!

Landmark Internet Web Development Database Design Kelowna Canada★★★★★

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Monday, May 7, 2007

I am learning more and more each day about the detailed world of website marketing and driving traffic to your site. Blogs are a powerful way to drive traffic and I am currently learning about the Blog and Ping technique. Some of the stuff I have learned so far include:

  • Using Technorati
  • Automatically Pinging 12+ Blog Search at the same time
  • Setting up My Yahoo RSS feeds
  • Choosing the right key words to create ad based revenue
It is very interesting to be learning all this stuff. I will keep you posted here on my escapades.




Technorati Profile

Sites that I have done recently

Here are some of my recent sites:

I recently installed a new blogging software on my servers. This software is very easy to configure, and seems to run really well. I have only created one site with it so far, but I am sure there will be more. Here is the URL . This site has been created for a Medical Doctor to post some of the latest news in medicine. Dr. Ray's site is also a source of income for him from his clickthrough ads. He currently serves Google and Blue Lithium ads on his site. He needed something that would automatically archive his previous postings, something he was doing by hand in the past, with dreamweaver and raw html! It was taking him hours and hours to do. So this data driven system is working well for him.

Also here are some of the other sites I have created with the new Content Management System I have on my server. Note - I am not responsible for layout of the content on any of these sites as they are completely run by my clients. All I did was created the layout and the overall design of the sites. Here is a list: - The South Okanagan Bed and Breakfast Association Official Website. - Cool custom choppers in Grand Forks BC. - The online showcase of artwork for my good friend Gordon Derbyshire. - Some good friends of mine that run Childrens Homes in Ecuador. - A for sale by owner site that I am working on. - A Kelowna company that builds beautiful custom furniture.

I also have a great shopping Cart solution on my servers. Here are some sites I have done:
There are about 6 more shopping cart sites that are just about finished and will be released shortly.

Woohoo My First Post

Hello Everyone,
My name is Jamie Edwards. I run a web development company in Kelowna called Landmark Internet. I love what I do, and even if I didn't do this as a business, I would be doing it as a hobby, just because I love doing it. So welcome to my blog, I am going to be posting some sites that I have been working on, links to some of my photography, and will also post other things that I come across in my travels around the world online.

Be blessed,


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