Monday, May 7, 2007

Sites that I have done recently

Here are some of my recent sites:

I recently installed a new blogging software on my servers. This software is very easy to configure, and seems to run really well. I have only created one site with it so far, but I am sure there will be more. Here is the URL . This site has been created for a Medical Doctor to post some of the latest news in medicine. Dr. Ray's site is also a source of income for him from his clickthrough ads. He currently serves Google and Blue Lithium ads on his site. He needed something that would automatically archive his previous postings, something he was doing by hand in the past, with dreamweaver and raw html! It was taking him hours and hours to do. So this data driven system is working well for him.

Also here are some of the other sites I have created with the new Content Management System I have on my server. Note - I am not responsible for layout of the content on any of these sites as they are completely run by my clients. All I did was created the layout and the overall design of the sites. Here is a list: - The South Okanagan Bed and Breakfast Association Official Website. - Cool custom choppers in Grand Forks BC. - The online showcase of artwork for my good friend Gordon Derbyshire. - Some good friends of mine that run Childrens Homes in Ecuador. - A for sale by owner site that I am working on. - A Kelowna company that builds beautiful custom furniture.

I also have a great shopping Cart solution on my servers. Here are some sites I have done:
There are about 6 more shopping cart sites that are just about finished and will be released shortly.

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Cool Sites! I like your design skills!

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